Friday, February 13, 2009

He's sweet on her ...

Who could resist this cutie? Certainly not Tyten. He's her first Valentine...

Tyten sends notes to Carissa every day. "Will you be my Valentine?" "I love you." She just giggles and shows them to me. Every sticker he earns he gives to her. She says "I don't know why he's always giving them to me," but she smiles while she says it. He insisted on buying her this special bear for Valentines Day. She adores it. He's sweet on her... and I think she likes it.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Pixley's Update

My baby is 8! Carissa had her birthday on January 29 and turned the grand old age of 8. She had quite a barrage of birthdays this year - at home with us and grandma on her actual birthday, then this party with all her friends 2 days later:

followed by grandparents coming over the next day for her and grandpa over the day after that. The girl had more cake that week then she usually gets in a year. But alas, the celebrations have come and gone. Thank goodness! LOL

Chase is totally into music these days. He found his MP3 player and since then this is what we see. He's sure growing up and growing into his own person.

Tristan got new glasses. He actually ended up with the same exact frames as Brian did. He insisted I take photos of his new glasses. It only took me 2 months (and a reminder from him), but I finally did it.

Speaking of glasses, check out these beauties:

They donned these 3D glasses for some commercials during the Superbowl. We had a great time watching the Superbowl on our big new plasma TV. We always love the commercials. And it was an AWESOME game. Gotta love that.

Tristan is playing his first season of basketball this year. He's been a trooper ... doing double-duty with basketball practice and Taekwondo practice twice each week. He's doing pretty well and has made several baskets. He's really starting to get agressive too. I love that and am so proud of how he is doing. Here he is making his first ever basket.

Chase is doing awesome in scouts. He was the first of his group to achieve his First Class rank (YEAH CHASE!) and he earned another 3 merit badges. He's been working very, very hard at it and I'm proud of how much dedication and work he's put into it. Way to go!

I got a new camera. Brian bought me a Nikon d60. I love it! I have a lot to learn, but I'm excited about learning and taking better photos. Here's one I took of that rascal dog of Brian's.