Sunday, April 29, 2007

"It's a Good Day to Be Alive"

This is my favorite phrase of today. Brian said that to me and we both looked up at the beautiful blue sky and smiled. It is a good day to be alive. It's a good day to spend with Brian and the kids and his parents. It's a good day to enjoy the warmth of the spring sunshine. It's a good day to BBQ. It's a good day to relax. It's a good day to just be.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What makes me happy today:

1. We're all going to see Brian this evening. We're meeting at Red Robin where I'll get one of my favorite foods - Whisky River BBQ Chicken Wrap... YUM and raspberry lemonade. And we'll get to spend several hours together just chatting and hanging out.

2. The discount book fair at the kids school today. I spent $34.00 (hope Brian isn't reading this! LOL). For that I got 20 good books, 2 Leapster games, one computer game and a robotic t-rex you assemble. Awesome deals!

3. Scrapbooking. I know, I've been avoiding the schoolwork that I should be doing right now, but I'm having fun playing with all the new kits at ScrapAddict. Here's a little sneaky of my favorite layout from an upcoming kit.

4. Money. It's payday. Nuff said.

5. Meet the Robinsons. I'm still happy after that movie. It's one of the few animated flicks that I've truly, truly enjoyed. And the "Little Wonders" song by Rob Thomas from the movie makes me happy too.

6. Baby Randal. Saw new pictures of him on my brothers photo blog. He's adorable and reminds me quite a bit of Jimmy as a baby. I can't wait to see him! Just over a month until he comes to visit.

7. The Fantasmic ringtone that Monica sent me. I could listen to that over and over and each time I do I get goosebumps remembering our time in Disneyland.

8. Nestle Ultimates Cookie Dough in Peanut butter cup. YUMMMMM. I know I'm supposed to be eating better but these things are hard to resist. I'm going to enjoy the last ones today and then vow not to buy any more for a while.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Representing ...

Chase has been working hard at spelling this year. He's the only one in his class who gets advanced spelling words and he does a great job of learning the spelling of the 10 to 13 letter words on his list. His hard work has now paid off. His teacher announced that he will be representing his class in the school spelling bee! Way to go Chase. We're proud of you!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Things I've realized since Brian has been gone

So this is week #6 of 16. Not only is Brian gone but it's baseball season for both Carissa and Tristan and I've also added a new job to the mix. Here's what I've realized in the last 6 weeks:

  • It is harder than I thought it would be.
  • 15 minutes of uninterrupted time is heavenly.
  • Maybe I shouldn't volunteer so much.
  • I can watch girly movies and "The Bachelor" without grumbling.
  • Staying up until 1am is not good when you have to work the next morning.
  • I should cook a decent dinner for myself sometimes.
  • Mowing the back yard sucks.
  • TGIF has never been so true.
  • Homework can take hours.
  • Even a sanity device (i.e. MP3) doesn't always bring much sanity.
  • A king size bed is too big for only one person.
  • I miss Brian more than I thought I would.
  • When you're the only adult, you have to kill all the bees and big fat spiders around. *shudder*
  • Doing it all on your own is exhausting.
  • I will survive.