Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Brian!!!

A huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Brian who is celebrating 35 years today! Are we seriously that old? (OK, I'm not that old yet ... I still have a few more months.) Anyways, it's his big day and I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to the most wonderful man alive. I love you!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Uppercase Living

I am totally in love with Uppercase Living right now. They are this company that makes expressions for your walls. They rub on and are so wonderful looking. I had a party last month and here are some of the goodies I have ...

This sign hangs on Carissa's door. The butterfly and the name are from Uppercase. I love that you can do customs!
This is one of the first ones I bought. It's on a mirror in Carissa's room. I added the crown and pearls in the center of the flowers.This one is on the big wall in our front room. We have family pics on either side of it. It looks awesome and is my fave so far.This is a custom that I made. It's on the wall between in our great room area, sort of by the kitchen.
OK, I take it back. This is my fave. No pics in the frames yet, but there will be some soon. This hangs in our hallway near the bathroom and above a cabinet. And just so you don't think the boys are left out, they have their Uppercase items too. For some reason I just haven't photographed them yet. Tristan has a dragon (his fave thing right now) hanging on his wall in the middle of all his Taekwondo medals. Chase has his name and a skull & crossbones above his bed. He also has a saying he picked out himself. It says "Change your thoughts and you change the world."

I love these so much! I love picking colors that match my decor and sayings that are meaningful. I have more to put up and I'll share those later. I'm even having a catalog party, since they have an awesome sale right now. Visit if you're interested in them. LOVE THEM!

Friday, March 06, 2009

I was at the scrapbook convention today and both my friend Jenn and later my step-mom Linda said they had seen a layout of mine in a magazine recently. It reminded me that I hadn't posted a list of recent and upcoming publications of mine. So I thought I'd throw this list out in case you want to see my work. :)

Memory Makers - Jan/Feb 2009
"Puppy Love"
"I Love This"

Scrapbooks Etc. - Feb/Mar 2009
"Winter Lodge:

Scrapbooks Etc. - Apr 2009
"Everyday Violet"

Memory Makers – May 2009
“Like Father, Like Son”
“Sew Thankful”

Simple Scrapbooks - May/June 2009
"Pearls of Wisdom"

Scrapbooking & Beyond – Spring 2009
“A Passion for Pet Shop”
“Cubs Softball”

I already have more scheduled for later this year too. :)