Thursday, September 17, 2009

Finally an update!

It's been a while, yet again. And I know that I still have a few friends and family members who check this thing so I'm finally updating it. Lots and lots of pictures coming up...
Brian sat down for session #2 on his new tattoo. This time they added the kids little turtles. The kids helped pick designs for theirs. From day 1, Carissa wanted a sunshine. Chase wanted a variety of things but finally settled on a shooting star. We were having a hard time with Tristan and thought about having a skull for him, since Brian calls him "Boney", but that didn't really fit in. In the end he settled on a moon.
One more session to go and then this thing should be done!

Tristan celebrated his 11th birthday last month. He had a sleepover/bowling party with a few of his best friends and a family party with us. The big gift this year was his Flip video camera. He has videotaped lots of very shaky videos so today I gave him my mini tripod to help out. I have a feeling this thing will be put to good use a lot, as the boys are always making up little plays and acting them out. Can't wait to see what he records!
Brian and I went to the Nickelback concert last month too. They are my FAVE band and I was so excited to go. It was a great concert and it was nice to have some "adult" time with Brian. In celebration of our big 15th anniversary, Brian and I stole away to the beach. We got a hotel room, which we rarely do, and stayed the night. We just relaxed, walked the boardwalk, ate a leisurely dinner and enjoyed our time together. We both marvel at the fact that we have made it 15 years already. It doesn't seem like it has been that long, or that we're old enough for it to be that long! LOL
The first day of school has come and gone and the kids are now well situated in their new classrooms. Carissa went on to the 3rd/4th blend, where she'll spend the next 2 years with the FABULOUS Mrs. Fisher!
Tristan went on to the 5th/6th blend with Mr. Sipp, or "Sippo" as they all call him. This is Tristan's first time having a male teacher and he thinks Sippo is super cool!
Chase has made his way to the big bad world of middle school. He's got a locker and different teachers for each class. He's also got the huge challenge of Algebra. He tested so high in math that they put him in high school credit algebra. So it's a big challenge for him, since he didn't officially take pre-algebra (he taught himself from math packets and print-offs from the computer ... this is the stuff he likes to do in his free time. LOL). We did stress the importance of good grades, as this goes on his high school transcript. But he is soooooo excited about being in Algebra, especially since there are only a few other 7th graders and a handful of 8th graders who are taking it. It has given him such an ego boost to know he's smart enough. Anyways, he's liking middle school and all that has to offer, including the 2-3 hours of homework he has every night.
Oh yes, Chase had a birthday too and is now a big bad teenager! He turned 13 a few days ago and his big gift was a laptop. He's been wanting one for a while and he's been very responsible with his computer use so we thought we'd go for it. Now he can use it to type up all his reports (you get extra credit for typing so he's all over that! LOL), play games, research, etc. He had no idea so was very surprised when he opened it.
Tristan tested for his next belt in Taekwondo. He worked really, really hard to earn his green belt and he did fabulous at testing. Broke all of his boards, did awesome on his forms and performed well in sparring. At the end of the long testing process he was finally awarded his green belt. Way to go Tristan!!!

Carissa is cheering this fall. She is the kind of girl who likes to sing and dance so cheering is great for her! She had her first game last weekend and looked adorable out there!

Last week we got wind that the school had received complimentary tickets to the big Miley Cyrust tour, which opened up in Portland. So on Monday night she, I, her best friend Shaylan, Shaylan's mom Kathy and their friend Ashley all went to the concert. We had awesome tickets in the 200 level straight back from the stage. It was a long show and a long night, but the girls had a blast. They were absolutely awestruck when Miley finally came on and all just sat in their chairs for the first 3 or 4 songs. It was a neat show and a first concert for all the girls in the group.
Well, I think that's it. Updated all I can think of for now. Hope your life is going grand. {{{HUGS}}} to all my friends and family out there. We miss you!