Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pets, Pets and more Pets

Anyone who knows us knows that we love pets. We have several of them, including someone new we haven't introduced to you yet. I thought since I had some pictures I would post some of our pets. We have 6 in total and they all have Disney-inspired names.

We've had our greatly loved Tucker (from Disney's "Tuck Everlasting" movie) for some time now. He's 5, starting to get gray hairs on his face and has really turned into this lovely and calm dog. Just a WONDERFUL member of the family.

Our newest member of the family is Jack (or Jack Jack from "The Incredible"). He joined our family in December. I purposely didn't introduce him here because I wasn't sure he would last. The last time we got a dog and I introduced him here he went back to his owner in less than a week because she missed him so much. So I have been cautious about it this time around. But he's been with us 6 months now so I guess he's here to stay. He's a 1 year old American Eskimo and he is a spastic little creature. He likes to chew on things. He likes to bark. He also loves the kids and Tucker and plays endlessly with both.

Some of my faves are our cats - Mira and Violet. The one pictured below if Violet (also from "The Incredibles")- or at least the backside of her. She's our tolerant and sometimes annoying little kitty. She lets the kids pretty much do anything with her and she loves to sleep on their beds, often taking over their pillows.

Mira (from Mira Nova in Disney's "Buzz Lightyear Space Command" cartoon) isn't pictured for the simple reason that she really doesn't like anyone except for me. She's a beautiful cat but she has very discerning tastes. She doesn't really care much for the kids and she absolutely detests Jack. But I love her anyways. :)

Lastly are our more "exotic" pets. Chase's rat Peach (named for the starfish in "Finding Nemo") has been a loved member of our family for 2 years now. The boys both just adore her. This is quite often how she's seen around our house - on a shoulder or in a shirt of one of the boys. She's a great little tagalong pet.

Last but not least is Brian's milk snake Coral (after Nemo's mother in "Finding Nemo"). I haven't taken a picture of her in a while but I will very soon. She's is absolutely Brian's pet. The kids love her but I am just not a fan. I prefer warm and furry, thank you very much! But she definitely has a place in our home.

So there you go ... an introduction to our menagerie!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I thought we had gotten somewhere ...

but apparently we haven't.

The big meeting last night was a bit of a hotspot. Several of the Moms and Dad's didn't believe it was right to limit those camping with the boys to just fathers. Others thought that it "boy scouts" meaning boys/men only. We did finally come to a compromise where I and the other mother involved are being "allowed" to go to camp for 2 days and then leaving them for the remainder of their summer camp experience. I agreed to this knowing that I would learn very quickly whether I was comfortable with the leadership and experience and could decide from there whether I needed to stay longer (it's not like they're going to kick me out of camp if I don't deem it a safe place for him to stay alone, know what I mean?).

So I thought it was over. Thought we were done and moving on. But alas, I come home today to a nasty email from the wife of one of the leaders. And then learn that they have been saying some things to the boys sharing their belief against mother involvement. Whoa ... have a problem with me and we'll deal with it, but do NOT bring this issue to my child! Grrrr.

So now I'm not sure where we're at again. It's just frustrating and saddening to me.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Male chauvenism really pisses me off!!!

It's not often that I get really fired up on a subject. I'm not into politics or debates. Heck, I don't even watch the news. And I'm just not accustom to people who are so idiotically stupid. Yet, somehow I manage to find myself in the situation of being fired up over something as stupid as male chauvenism.

Now, I know Boy Scouts is called "Boy Scouts", meaning that it is for boys. I get that. No problem. But when I'm told that I'm not welcome at camp because I'm a MOM ... that's where you get me fired up. Give me a break!

I dare not say more, as I'm trying to deal with it in a calm and concise manor. But if tomorrow's meeting does not go well I'm sure I'll have MUCH more to say!


Saturday, May 03, 2008

Happy National Scrapbook Day!!!

Today is national scrapbook day. In honor of my favorite hobby, I've decided to post some of my recent layouts. I haven't done this in a long while so some of these might be a few months old, but I thought I would share them anyways. Enjoy and {{{HUGS}}} to all my friends and family out there. :)