Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I thought we had gotten somewhere ...

but apparently we haven't.

The big meeting last night was a bit of a hotspot. Several of the Moms and Dad's didn't believe it was right to limit those camping with the boys to just fathers. Others thought that it "boy scouts" meaning boys/men only. We did finally come to a compromise where I and the other mother involved are being "allowed" to go to camp for 2 days and then leaving them for the remainder of their summer camp experience. I agreed to this knowing that I would learn very quickly whether I was comfortable with the leadership and experience and could decide from there whether I needed to stay longer (it's not like they're going to kick me out of camp if I don't deem it a safe place for him to stay alone, know what I mean?).

So I thought it was over. Thought we were done and moving on. But alas, I come home today to a nasty email from the wife of one of the leaders. And then learn that they have been saying some things to the boys sharing their belief against mother involvement. Whoa ... have a problem with me and we'll deal with it, but do NOT bring this issue to my child! Grrrr.

So now I'm not sure where we're at again. It's just frustrating and saddening to me.


Fee said...

Our camps and boy scout stuff is all with mom involvement too...overnights- one parent could go, etc...only the boys could sleep in the pup tents together. Or with their own fathers only. Or whichever parent went.

Stupid if you ask me....and wow the wife is really an idiot. Is there another group you can get him in with?

Or write the BSA council.


Monica Kornfeld said...

That's definitely some BS! Oye! What happens to all the single moms? Hmmmm.

Sorry you are having to deal with all this idiocy, Annette. :(

Anonymous said...

Mom's go to BS camp here all the time. Nobody thinks anything of it. Just the way it is and it works just fine.

The other Mother's need to butt out and find something better to do. Tell them to go organize their sock drawers or something more productive.

Mom's at BS camp rock!!!!!