Sunday, April 06, 2008

Height Check ...

I knew it would happen eventually -- today just happened to be the day. Twice a year we mark the kids heights and ages on our piece of wood kept especially for this purpose.

The last several years Tristan has been steadily gaining inches on Chase, coming closer and closer to Chase's height. Today was the day when he surpassed his brothers height. Take a look at the closeup of the stick.

Tristan, at age 9 1/2, just barely edged out Chase, age 11 1/2.

While Chase knew it was coming, he is not exactly thrilled at the prospect of being smaller than his "little" brother. He, understandably, does not think this is fair. We've had some very frank discussions the last few months about the fact that Tristan is going to be bigger. He has Brian's "big" gene and is going to be a tall and brawny guy like his Dad. Chase on the other hand got a lot of my genes and will probably be a more average height.

Tristan is thrilled to be bigger than Chase and has done a good job of not trying to rub it in. He's such a kind kid!

I am of two opinions on this. I'm happy for Tristan, happy that's he's growing taller and that his body is leaning out (he's outweighed Chase for the last 2 years) and happy that he's going to be a handsome big guy like his Daddy. But I'm sort of sad for Chase. Sad that he feels badly about being smaller, sad that he is now worried about being seen as the "little brother" because Tristan is physically larger. More than anything I'm sad that they are both growing up so quickly. But I know this is just the way life works. Now, if people would just quit asking me if they are twins!


Jill said...

WOW!!! I would have mixed feelings too!!! Great tradition though!

Melanie said...

It's just a matter of time before that happens with my two oldest, too. I love how you mark their heights on that piece of wood!

Anita said...

I understand. Katy is built taller like me. Shona is built like the Ford women and will be lucky to make it to 5'2". Poor girl! You can't do a thing about genes, though. :)