Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Police Academy Here I Come!!!

Just a year ago it was actually "Police Academy Here He Comes", as Brian was in the Police Academy last year this time. Fortunately my academy doesn't require me to live 2 hours away for 4 months.

I have enrolled in the Scappoose Police Department Citizens Academy. It's a 10-week program, meeting one evening a week, that familiarizes people in the community with the Police Department, their polices and procedures, their training exercises, etc.

I chose to attend the Citizens Academy mainly because I wanted to see some of what Brian had been through when he was gone, some of the things he was taught, some of the experiences he has had. I understand only what he's told me about the academy and this is my chance to get some experience of my own to relate with what he's said.

Tonight was our first class and it was a lot of history and background information on policing and the department. Things will pick up in the coming weeks when we talk about juvenile law, criminal law (my hunky hubby will be teaching this segment!!!), traffic stops, etc. Then the real fun begins and I get to shoot all the departments weapons, including the fully automatic weapons (I've never shot anything except our Glock), drive the police cars fast around the airport, go through test scenarios, see someone tazed, etc. I'm looking forward to it all!


Becky said...

What a cool thing! Good Luck and have fun :-)

Catherine said...

This sounds great!