Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Tulip Festival

If I were to have a favorite flower, the tulip would be it. I love them. I love seeing their brightly colored petals brightening up our spring. After this long, long winter I felt a trip to see the tulips would help bring spring into our lives. So after shceduling and rescheduling (the fields bloomed late this year because of the weather) we finally took a trip to the Woodburn Tulip Festival. It was meant as a trip for all 5 of us but at the last minute something big went down in town and Brian couldn't get away. But the kids and I carried on.

This was only our 2nd time visiting the Tulip Festival but it was absolutely beautiful. Fields and fields of the most gorgeous flowers you have ever seen. And we got there in perfect time because they were all in perfect bloom.

We started off by a walk in the fields. We stopped here and there to look around and point out particularly beautiful flowers. I do have to mention this flower. It's the one I'll be buying if I get any bulbs this year. It's named "Mickey Mouse"... how could I not have these?!?Wonderful strangers offered to take our photos so I got a few of all of us together.

While walking the fields I had instructed the kids to find their favorite variety of tulip to be photographed with. Once we reached the end of the field we turned back around and went back the way we came. We stopped at each childs favorite flower and I took photos of them.
Chase's flower was one of the most beautiful in the entire field. Absolutely unique in color. It was mainly pink with orange on the edges of the petals and this beautiful yellow streak running up from the bottom. They were aptly named "Temple of Beauty".Tristan couldn't find a favorite variety but chose a particular flower that could only be found in the mixed field. It was white with red streaks running up the petals. Very pretty, though we have no idea what it was named.
Carissa could, of course, be called on to pick a pink variety. Hers was called "Rosalee" and was actually pale pink with some darker pink and orange on it. Timelessly beautiful, just like her.
Yes, I even let the camera out of my hands long enough for the kids to snap a few photos of me.
It was a great time at the tulip festival. I'm sure we'll be headed back there for years to come. After all, we can't miss out on the kids favorite part ... the rubber ducky races!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Frog Season

These little frogs are everywhere... in the grass, hopping along the roads, hanging on the garage door at night. The kids love them. They pick them up, admire them, give them silly names like "Blades" and "Daredevil". They start out tiny and fragile and eventually grow large and fat. And every year in late fall they disappear. Yet each spring they return to our world. We're always thrilled to see frog season and enjoy all the little friends it brings with it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Middle School???

Tonight was middle school open house. Middle School? Are you kidding me? There is no possible way that my smart, sweet, beautiful son should be getting ready to start middle school! Yet our presence at this event assumes that it's true.
I'm not entirely looking forward to this move. I was hoping to avoid the angst-filled teenage years, the girls, the friends, the inevitable mistakes. I was hoping to keep him young and innocent a little bit longer. I guess that's not to be, as those middle school days are surely on their way.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter one and all!

Today was the annual Kiwanis Egg Hunt and, as is tradition, we took the kids. This was a bittersweet hunt, as it was Chase's last one. He's just growing up so quickly.

Anyhow ... we took the kids to the hunt this morning . Chase actually went early to do some community service time and help the Kiwanis, our BSA Charter Organization, in setting up the hunt. I picked up Tristan from his friends house, where he spent the night, and brought both of them along with me. We got there early to stake out a good starting spot. The kids waited patiently, just staring at all those eggs ripe for the picking.
Finally the time came for the horn to blow. The kids were ready ...

... and off they went. The eggs were picked up within 30 seconds and it was quickly over. We now have a nice little pile of candy and Easter goodies that the kids received. Tristan even won a special prize - a tub of sidewalk chalk. They had a great time and we were thankful that it didn't rain on us. It was a nice hunt this year.