Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kitty, kitty...

A few weeks ago my beloved Mira cat disappeared. We put out "lost cat" signs and received a call from a neighbor who thinks Mira was one of three cats killed recently by coyotes. I was pretty down and out about it for a while, as Mira was my cat (and to be perfectly honest, she really didn't like anyone else and really only tolerated me). But I loved her nonetheless and have missed her since she's gone.

When it became apparent that Mira was really not going to return to us, I started the search for a new cat. I scoured craiglist until I found what I have been wanting forever... a silver-grey cat.

She's absolutely adorable and demanding and cuddly and abnoxious, all rolled into one.

We debated about names for a long time, going through all the Disney girl names we could think of and narrowing it down to our favorites. At the end we were left with our top three choices: Tiger Lily (Peter Pan), Alice (in Wonderland) and Marie (Aristocats). The votes were tied so I made the deciding vote. Here she is... meet our adorable Alice!

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