Sunday, February 26, 2012

Growing up...

Last weekend the boys were away at a Boy Scout snow lodge campout up on Mt. Hood so it was just Rissa and I all day Sunday.  Brian was working and the sun was out for the first time in weeks.  I was so thrilled by the sun that I thought it might be good to dust off the camera a bit before my next session.  I mentioned it to Carissa and she was up for it, so she got all fancied up in her new birthday clothes for a shoot. 

(On a side note, thanks Grandpa for the Justice gift certificate.  She and I spent an hour or so in the store while she tried on 20 things and hemmed and hawed over which ones she wanted.  Here's what she finally ended up with... it was a really hard decision for her but she had fun.)

We went to Carissa's school where I thought we could find some good spots for photos.  The first spot I chose was here and it was the best photos we got of the whole day.  I love these two photos!
 We did shoot a few more spots and even brought a frame to along for some fun shots.
 But the attention span of an 11 year old being photographed by her mother is exactly 3.7 seconds, so it wasn't long until I was shooting this...
Oh the joys of tween-hood.

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