Friday, July 06, 2007

Time has gotten away from me ...

This happens every time summer comes around. I think about how much free time I'll have, how much less volunteering, how much less time running kids to and from their activities. Yet here we are 3 weeks into summer and I have yet to make a dent in anything. We've kept plenty busy with all of our activities. Here's a rundown of some of the highlights (and lowlights) of summer so far.


The kids all took part in a camp the week after school got out. For Carissa there was gymnastics camp, where she had fun each day playing on the gymnastics equipment, doing crafts and listening to stories.

The boys did their most anticipated event of the summer - theater camp. This was Chase's 3rd year and Tristan's 2nd year (next year Carissa will be old enough too!). They had a GREAT time. The play was "The Secret Garden" put on by River City Childrens Theater. Another awesome performance.
Chase was a gardener and was so thoroughly into his character. He wasn't trying to out-perform everyone else but he did because of his sheer intensity and excitement. He absolutely shined.
Tristan was a red-breasted robin. He had his lines memorized the first day and was excited about the songs he was learning. He looked so adorable in his robin costume with a little extra red added to his already cherry cheeks. He did such a great job and had lots of fun! PACIFIC CITY HERE WE COME

I got an unexpected check in the mail one day. $250 for some layouts I had published in a scrapbook magazine. It was fun money so we decided to take a trip to the beach. We'd heard about this little RV park that had cabins for rent and wild bunnies running free so we decided to give it a try.

I remember Pacific City from my childhood. It's a little bitty town off the main highway, one that I've visited only once or twice since I've grown. We got there and instantly were enthused by the bunnies running around. The kids kept counting how many they could see. It was fun to see them so excited. I got close to one but only Chase and Tristan actually had one take food from them.

It was such a beautifully calm day. The sun was shining and the wind was almost non-existant so we headed across the street to the beach.

When we arrived there I was instantly transported back to childhood days, days spent running up the massive dune and rolling back down in the sand, of watching trucks driving on the sand and launching the dorys right into the water. The scene today was much as it was then. Fewer dorys perhaps, but the dune was exactly the same... until I tried to climb it. That was another story.

The kids climbed that dune though ... all the way to the top. And you know who was first to reach the summit? Carissa! And in her dress! I was so proud of her. She just booked her way up that hill. It's so steep near the top that you can't walk standing up but have to use both your hands and feet to get up. I was amazed how quickly she did it. The boys both made it all the way to the top too. I was so proud of them all. I only made it 1/2 way up but loved running down. You get going so fast that you're out of control but I refused to give in and fall in the sand, as I had my camera to protect. I ran all the way down laughing all the way. What fun!

We spent a lot of time at the beach playing. They kids splashed in the waves while Brian and I walked the beach. Then Brian taught them how to wiggle their feet way down into the wet sand. It was a great evening.

We spent the night at the bunny place and then headed to the Tillamook Cheese Factory where we had some scrumptious ice cream and my favorite treat of all - chesse curds. YUM! We drove up the coast on the way home, taking our time to stop at the beach to fly kites and again in Seaside to ride the carousel. It was a relaxing, leisurely visit to the beach and one we all needed and loved.


Our sweet kitty Violet has gone missing. We saw her before we left for our night at the beach and left food and water out for her to munch on. The neighbors saw her that same night yet when we arrived home the next afternoon she was nowhere to be found. The kids are all very sad and we've made "missing" signs that we put up in hopes that someone would bring her back home.


I'm increadibly sad that some of our best friends are moving.

Becky and I became friends when we were pregnant with the girls. We met on the internet (scary, I know! LOL) in a group for mothers due with babies in February 2001. I first met her in December of 2000 at my baby shower and since then we've become great friends. Our kids are the same genders and similar ages, we got along very well and our husband even like one another.

It's been harder and harder to see them over time, as they live about an hour away. It's become harder still with both Brian and Brandon living away from home recently. But nonetheless she remains one of my dearest friends.

They are moving to Arizona so that they can be together as a family and I can't fault them for that. But I'm going to miss them.

We got to see them for one of the last times this week and I made the kids pose for this picture for me. See how much they've changed over time?

The bottom picture was when the girls were about 1 1/2 (though her daughter Kayli is missing from the picture). The top picture is now, 4 1/2 years later. And yes, it's the same kids in the same order in both pictures.


Catherine said...

You are having a very full summer! Thanks for sharing the fun photos!

Linda said...

Wow - you HAVE been crazy busy! I'm so sad about Becky moving from you, too! I wish I could have met both of you - well, perhaps we still WILL someday!

Okay - your boys are ADORABLE with the theater camp. Wish they'd had that when *I* was a kid. They have it here too, but Hannah wasn't interested. Just swimming and art.

I absolutely ADORE the picture of you and the kids walking - the fact that your boys are still holding your hands...gosh...that is SO sweet. You should do a page with that picture and the quote: A mother holds her children's hands for a short time, but holds their hearts forever.

And CHEESE CURDS???? Can you say OH YUM!!!! They have a place here that makes them, but they're nowhere as good as the Wisconsin or Canadian ones I've had. My friend (or her family) bring them from Wisconsin ALL the time for me!!!!!

Hope the rest of your summer's as fun as this part has been!

Becky said...

We will miss you guys very much too! *sniff *sniff