Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bad Mommy!

I was editing photos tonight and came across something that shamed me to no end.

Tristan's birthday is in late August, the last bit of summer. I took tons of pictures of his party. It was an event ... bowling with his friends. 12 kids in all. Cupcakes. Presents. Chaos. I captured it all. Even remembered to do some posed shots of him on his 9th birthday.

Fast forward 2 weeks to Chase's birthday. Mid September. School has started. There's a soccer game. And the Sauerkraut festival. Chase has a slumber party with his 3 closest friend. I take one picture of him ... and a horrible one at that.

Ugh. I suck!


Linda said...

yeah, but at least the pictures you DO take make it into scrapbooks. You know, I think I'm headed straight to hell, because all I have are good intentions...and you know what they say about the road to hell being paved with....well, YOU know. get the guys together and take pictures of them just being PALS! said...


I am looking through my CK 4x6 book and came across your "8 Years Old" layout. Your son Tristan is absolutely adorable. I just had to tell you that. His sweet little smile just brightened my day.

Jennifer Johnson said...

Don't ever fool yourself. You are an amazing MOM. You do more with your kids in week than most of us do in a month. Everytime I see you I see how much your children love and adore you. You inspired me 6 years ago to have my own child. :)

Catherine said...

You do not! Life got in the way. It happens.