Thursday, November 08, 2007

Aaaaaahhhhh ...

... that felt good. 3 months worth of photos finally edited and sent to Costco to be printed. What a weight lifted there. I usually don't let photos back up on me so this has been a thorn in my side for some time. I just feel the need to keep the photos edited and printed in a timely fashion and with all going on I just hadn't been able to do so.

I did have a great time looking at all the photos while editing. There were some absolutely adorable ones. Like this one from one of our summer beach trips (Tucker LOVES the ocean!):

And this one of the kids on the last weekend of summer:
I love this "mirror" photo of my Dad when we were out on his boat:

And the kids pumpkins from Halloween:
This one my neighbor took of our kids on Halloween is great: So is this one of Carissa's soccer team:

All in all, a great group of pictures and I'm so glad they'll be in my scrapbooks soon. :)


Catherine said...

These are great!

rmeyfe said...

I love the miiror one!!