Sunday, November 25, 2007

Calling the Pixley boys ...

Wow, has the phone been ringing off the hook here. No, it's not for me, it's all part of the newest shift in our lives ... kids phone calls.

This is something that just got started last week and it has taken over like wildfire. Both Chase and Tristan have had friends calling them. Phone calls center mostly over strategy for their favorite video games.

Tristan and his friend Noah are on the phone nonstop to talk about "Animal Crossing". They'll be on the phone for 1/2 an hour and will hang up, only to call back about 15 minutes later. This continues all day long!

Chase and his friend Nick can talk forever about "Spectrobes". Sometimes they're on for an hour straight.

This newest development is going to take some adjustment for me. It used to be that I jumped up and answered the phone every time it rang. Not so anymore. Tristan usually beats me to it and smugly says "It's Noah" when he reads the caller ID.

The kids are growing and our lives are changing in ways I don't even know, but this new development is a stark reminder that the kids are quickly developing into their own independant selves.


Carolyn F said...

Heh, that started last summer with us for Duncan. It's quite annoying to have a kid on YOUR phone isn't it??

Anita said...

I don't think I've answered my home phone since Katy hit her teen years. I love it, personally, because I hate phones! :)