Friday, August 01, 2008

One word...

I got this in my email box and, since I truly detest forwarding things, decided to just post it here. If you have a blog consider yourself tagged and add this list and your one-word answers to your blog. ;)

1. Where is your cell phone? charging
2. Where is your significant other? work
3. Your hair? favorite
4. Your mother? gone
5. Your father? supportive
6. Your favorite thing? "Twilight"
7. Your dream last night? school
8. Your dream/goal? lottery! LOL
9. The room you're in? dining
10. Your hobby? scrapping
11. Your fear? death
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? here
13. Where were you last night? pizza!
14. What you're not? awake
15. Muffins? chocolate!
16. One of your wish list items? Disneyland
17. Where you grew up? Newport
18. The last thing you did? sleep
19. What are you wearing? clothes
20. Your TV? off
21. Your pet? annoying
22. Your computer? quiet
23. Your life? good
24. Your mood? content
25. Missing someone? Jimmy
26. Your car? little
27. Something you're not wearing? sandals
28. Favorite Store? Kohl's
29. Your summer? fast
30. Love someone? Lots
31. Your favorite color? teal
32. When is the last time you laughed? yesterday
33. Last time you cried? awhile

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