Saturday, August 22, 2009

This is what 35 looks like...

When I was a teenager, 35 seemed downright ancient. 35 year olds wore outdated clothes, drove boring family cars, worked stuffy grown-up jobs and had lost the luster of youth. And while this is somewhat true, 35 still isn't exactly what I envisioned. Sure, I'm older and the luster of youth is starting to tarnish a little. Yes, I drive a minivan. And no, I'm not trendy. But I do have a pretty great life. I have such an awesome family. I have good friends and a fulfilling job. I have a wonderful man that I look foward to getting old with. This is what 35 looks like - and it's pretty darned good!


Fee said...

I adore this pic of you..remember the kite paper that was out by I think carolee's? Perfect for this...35 looks pretty darn good :)

Fee said..., love, love this pic...there is kite paper by carolee's that would match this perfectly. 35 looks darn good.

Anonymous said...

and you are still as beautiful as ever.

Thank you for the best 15 years of my life. Here is looking forward to the next 15..... Love ya!