Friday, November 04, 2011


In our house you stop getting Halloween costumes once you reach middle school, after which you need to use your own ingenuity to make a costume from what we have.  Tristan did just that, using his clothes and assorted props (with the help of an old t-shirt, which I cut and sewed into his little hat) and became Shadow Link.  Some sort of Legend of Zelda character... don't ask me for more information because I have no idea!

You may remember seeing similar photos of him, only in green, last spring on the blog, when he dressed up as original Link for character day at school.

Chase had some friends stop by so he decided to throw on a quick outfit and head out with them.  I have no photographic proof of it, but he went as Shadow... I think another Legend of Zelda character.  Yes, it's popular in our house right now.

With Tristan's advent to middle school, we had only one costume to buy this year.  Carissa decided early on that she wanted to be Red Riding Hood, but she was pretty specific on what she liked and didn't like.  I offered to make her a tulle skirt to go with this, but she adamately refused, saying that she doesn't like tulle skirts anymore.  She was also insistent on having a long cape, not the short cape found with most Red Riding Hood Costumes.  So in the end we pieced this together.  The cape was for an adult but I cut it down to size for her.  The skirt was hers already (score!) and the button up collared shirt was a thrift store find.  I made the apron for her and bought her the boots (which she now wears to school and horse riding lessons as well).  In the end, she was beautiful and unique.  It really was just the perfect costume for her!

Oh, and not to be forgotten... here are our Jack-O-Lanterns this year.  Chase made the funny face, Carissa made the evil cat and Tristan made the ghost and flames.  Oh, the little Mickey head pumpkin was Carissa's too.

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Helmka Family said...

Fabulous pumpkins and costumes!
Thanks for commenting on my blog.
We miss you guys too!