Saturday, January 12, 2013

Disneyland Day 4 (Part 1)

Our day started early this morning, as I couldn't sleep so got up early to shower and get ready.  In turn, everyone else was up early.  We hadn't planned on making it to the 8am park opening, but since we were up early we decided to go for it.  Our plan for today was to take it easy and just enjoy the park.  We also wanted to hit those attractions we hadn't had a chance to see.  We had made a list of those last night and that's what we were working off of this morning. 

We arrived at rope drop in much the same spot as we had the day before, up front in the line leading towards Fantasyland.  We headed straight for the tea cups.  They were tinkering with the door on one of the teacups when we arrived and I thought for a moment that they weren't going to open it for my kids, however they quickly quit tinkering and loaded the kids on the ride.  Since my kids were the only ones riding this morning they each got their own teacup (pink for Riss, orange for Tristan and red for Chase) and got to ride all by themselves.  It was sort of fun.
They quickly got on the nearby Alice ride. Brian had run to get us SpaceMountain fastpasses so I stood out and waited for him while the kids walked right on and rode. They loaded up and Tristan looked and me and yelled "I'm cramped!" Yup, those ride cars are TINY. I'm glad I didn't go.

Since we were right there we decided to go on the Matterhorn, however it was down at the moment. This would be a common sight today. Instead we went to the Mad Hatter store in Fantasyland and Tristan finally picked out some Mickey ears. He got sorcerer Mickey ears with his name on the back.
We also found a hidden Mickey on the floor in the store.
Now that they all had their hats I had to take some photos of them.

We only had two more fantasyland rides to ride, Snow White and Pinoochio. Boy, are those rides outdated! Sooooo boring! Glad we didn't have to wait for either them. At least we got to do them though so the kids wouldn't feel like they missed out.

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