Saturday, January 12, 2013

Disneyland Day 4 (Part 2)

None of us have ever seen the Holiday version of "It's a Small World" so we headed that way.  We got a boat to ourselves and we all enjoyed the ride.  It was nice not to have "It's a Small World" playing every single second of the ride.  Having it interspersed with the Christmas music was perfect.  And the switch from one song to another was seamless.  So well done.  While riding this we pointed out characters from Disney movies or hidden Mickey's that we found on the way.  It was relaxing and slow-paced, just like our morning.
It was 8:45 by the time we disembarked and we were so close to Toontown that we decided to go.  Even though we didn't have a lot of time left, we decided to use our Toontown Morning Madness coupons.  The cast member at the entrance said there were all sorts of characters inside, but when we got there we saw only Minnie out in the street.  It was empty enough for taking photos though. :)
There was a line for Mickey but I really wanted to make sure we got a photo with him so we waited it out.  It ended up taking about 15 minutes before Mickey returned so we amused ourselves in whatever way we could.  We took turns doing the "Tristan"... the pose he kept doing in photos.
Then it was time for the "Chase", that I'm-too-cool-I-can't-smile look.
Then little Missy decided to just make funny faces at me and laugh at herself about it.
So much for the early entry, as we spent it all waiting on Mickey to return so we and the 10 families ahead of us could get photos with him.  And then there was no fastpass person to take photos... and the place he was standing (inside his house by the stairs) was really not well lit for good photos.  Oh well, at least we completed that goal. 
While in Toontown the kids rode Gadgets Go Coaster (which was deemed boring and not big enough for a 6 foot tall 14 year old to ride) and Roger Rabbit (which brought about some grumbling about how you were supposed to spin the car).  Brian and I stopped at the shop back in Toontown and were just walking around when I saw them, beckoning to me from the back of the store - the silicone Mickey head potholders that I wanted more of but had not been able to find this trip.  We grabbed two more of them to join the two we already use and love.  Score!
We took the obligatory photos in the jail, with the dumbbell and on the car. 
The kids rang some bells and blew stuff up, then we walked our way out of Toontown and right onto the railroad.  We rode it all the way to New Orleans Square, glad for the chance to relax our feet as much as we could.  All this walking had been hard on them!

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