Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Yes, it's happened. I'm alone. Just me, no kids. They're all at school, learning and laughing and having fun and I'm sitting here wondering where all the time went.

Carissa started Kindergarten this year. *sigh* She's going to school every weekday morning for 2 1/2 hours. So the good news is that she's still home in the afternoons and I'm not totally alone. But it's hard getting used to not have kidlets here when I've been with them every day for the last 10 years.

So, here's Carissa at her first day of Kindergarten. The first day was actually an orientation, so us parents went to a one-hour meeting and the kids all went to the library to watch a short video and listen to books being read. I picked her up after the meeting and she was so disappointed. When I told her it was time to go she whined "But Mom, we didn't get to *DO* anything." Yep, she's way ready to go. No seperation anxiety there. She doesn't even want me to take her to school and has been badgering me nonstop to let her ride the bus. *sigh* She's riding home from school on the bus today since she wants to so badly. But to be perfectly honest I wouldn't mind picking her up. I'm starting to feel a little less-needed already.

Tristan went to 2nd grade this year with the most wonderful teacher, Mrs. Palin. She was Chase's teacher in 2nd grade and he loved everything about her. I think Tristan will too. He's excited about learning a little spanish and doing math with her. Plus he's Carissa's helper around the school, making sure she gets to her class safely when they ride the bus to school. Thank goodness for wonderful brothers like Tristan.

Chase went on to the Intermediate school this year. 4th grade. Such a change already. He's excited about the move and loves that his classroom has a pet bird. He's into his friends and math and science. Oh, and you can't forget reading. That kid loves to read.

So back to school went off without a hitch and all the kids seem to be doing well. I think it affects me more than them! LOL

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Catherine said...

I remember vividly Elise going off for her first full day and the mixed feelings that went along with it. It's OK!! You'll adjust!!! You may even find a little more scrap time!