Saturday, October 20, 2007

It happened to me ...

You know sometimes you have those theoretical chats with people asking "what would you do if you just found $100 (or $1000 or a million $) on the ground"? It's never really happened to me... until today.

Brian and I were shopping in Fred Meyers and were in the ice cream aisle getting a half gallon of Brian's favorite splurge when I noticed this ratty looking envelope on the ground. I pick it up and took a peek inside. The first thing I see is a small pile of bills ... the first few being $100 bills. Inside was a total of $340 cash. Wow, gee ... guess now it's happened to me.

We knew immediately that we wouldn't keep it so took it to the customer service desk to turn it into lost and found.

I'm really hoping someone comes to claim it. Written on the outside in crayon were the words "From G&G for Kaitlyns birthday". This was obviously money that someone was saving to buy gifts for their child.

Brian and I came home from the store and were able to have a nice chat with the kids over dinner about the scenario. Quite the real-life learning lesson there.

And now I can say that it's happened to me ... I've found the pile of money on the ground and I gave it back.


Catherine said...

You are awesome!!!

Carolyn F said...

Be very proud of yourself!