Friday, October 12, 2007

A Visit with Flat Meggie

One of my fellow ScrapAddict designers has a 1st grade daughter. They currently have a class project based on the book "Flat Stanley". Each child has made a flat version of themselves and are sending them out on a journey. Meggie started her journey in Floriday and has visited both Idaho and Colorado. She is now enjoying her time here in Oregon. I took her with my preschool class to Oregon Hill Farms where we got this great view of Mt. Hood.
In Florida they don't get to see pumpkins growing on the vine so I took a pic of Flat Meggie hanging out with some pumpkin flowers and growing pumpkins

and with a ripe pumpkin.

On the way out she took a break in this wheelbarrow full of gourds.

Meggie is on her way to Connecticut next to visit fall in it's full colors. Have a great adventure Meggie!!!


JulieP said...

Such awesome photos...and reading your blog answered my question. Mt. Hood. Very cool!!!! Thanks again so much for doing this.

Catherine said...

Looks like Meg had a wonderful time enjoying the fall!

Becky said...

That is such a cool assignment! Great pics :-)

Carolyn F said...

Looks like a great time is being had. I'm not sure where Flat Connor is these days!!