Thursday, December 06, 2007

HM6: Outdoor Decorations

Each year I get the urge to put up the outdoor Christmas lights. The urge usually hits before Thanksgiving, on a day when the sun is shining and it seems perfect "lights" weather. Of course, I'm nearly always wrong about this because by the time I've gotten the lights from the attic, untangled them and readied them for hanging, evening has come and with it the cold. This year I put them up in the semi-dark with freezing cold fingers. (I will admit that Brian did come help, as I do NOT get on the roof .) Yet I was determined... I wanted them up and ready for Thanksgiving night, when we turn them on. And I did get them up and we did turn them on Thanksgiving night, despite Brian's claim that they should not be turned on until the night AFTER Thanksgiving.

This is what our house looks like now, glowing brightly in the cold winter night. Adorned with bring blue and white bulbs, flashing snowflakes and spiral tree.

Beyond the lights we have two very important Christmas additions. A fresh wreath always adorns the front door, hung with the same bow and the same jingle bells that have graced the wreath for several years.

For the kids the most important piece is the "Santa Stop Sign", which they ceremoniously hammer into the yard each year.

I really love our outdoor decorations and sharing our holiday spirit with neighbors and friends.


Melanie said...

Your house looks so beautiful all aglow with lights. I remember you scrapping about that stop sign. Love it!

Catherine said...

This is lovely! You got some great photos!

Janelle said...

your house looks so pretty! great job on taking the photos w/ the "glow"!

Anita said...

How pretty! Love the decorations. I hope I can get as good a shot of my lights!