Sunday, March 09, 2008

Disney Day 8: See you Real Soon ...

We woke up this morning to the realization that our vacation had come to an end. All we had left to do now was pack up and fly home. So we did just that. We had a late flight but had to be out of the hotel at 10am so we had a quick breakfast and then got to packing. Boy, what a chore that is. Trying to seperate the clean from dirty, trying to pack the souveniors all so very carefully, trying to make sure we remembered every little thing. But by 10am we were ready to go. We checked out and left some bags at the hotel, since we had a late afternoon flight.

Since we had time to kill we really discussed what to do with that time. Brian really wanted to see a beach on the East coast, with the tide coming in from the east instead of the west like we're accustom to. So we headed that way. Along the drive I could tell that Brian was starting to worry. He was worried that we wouldn't get there and back in time, that we would miss our flight, that we would stress out about it all. So we decided not to push it and turned back around. On our way back we saw signs for Gatorland and thought about heading there but decided against it. We finally ended up back at Downtown Disney.

We walked the west side of DTD for a while, not buying much and really not all that interested in the stores there. We jumped on a boat and proceeded to the east side, where all the Disney stores are. We did a bit more shopping and I talked everyone into eating lunch at the Earl of Sandwich. Can you just say "YUM!" I absolutely loved it. I had eated it the day before and was craving it again and everyone just went along for the ride. Unfortunately, I guess I was the only one who absolutely loved it. The rest of the family just thought it was okay. Nothing special. I, on the other hand, had absolutely fallen in love with this sandwich:

Let me tell you, I don't think I will ever live down all the jokes I get because I took a picture of my sandwich. But it was worth it, I tell you. This sandwich was the best I've ever had! It's a Hawaiin BBQ Sandwich ... chicken breast strips topped with thinly sliced ham, swiss cheese, Hawaiin BBQ sauce and FRESH pineapple slices. YUMMMMMMMY!

After lunch we headed to the nearby "Once Upon A Toy" store just for a quick look. We ended up staying an hour and spending lots of money ... you see, Brian and the boys had found the "make your own lighsaber" toy and they each had to have one. They had a good time putting them together and deciding what they wanted them to look like.
Carissa couldn't be left out, yet she didn't want a lightsaber either so she bought a Jasmine costume for her new "My Disney Princess" doll.

By the time we were done with the toys it was time to head back to the hotel for our luggage and then onto our flight bound for home. We were all sad to see our magical Disney vacation come to an end.

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