Friday, March 21, 2008

Hello Disney Stuff ...

Oh yes, the vacation is over but all the Disney designing is still yet to be done. I've started my scrapbook albums (yes, there are 2 of them) from our WDW trip but decided to take a little break from that to start on an idea I had before I left.

You see, when we are at Disney parks the kids like to do pin trading. This means that they have a lanyard of pins around their neck and they swap pins with cast member working at the Disney parks. They are all very specific about what they traded for this year. Carissa traded for only "girly" ones, like princesses, Minnie and Tink. Tristan had remarkable restraint and traded only for Stitch pins. Chase went crazy for hidden Mickey pins.

In addition to their trading pins they also purchase one pin from each park as a souvenior. The boys now have 3 parks worth of pins - WDW in 2001, Disneyland in 2006 and WDW in 2008. Carissa was just a baby when we went to WDW so she had just two trips worth of pins.

Well, I had finally decided to make a display for all of their pins. I stared with Carissa, as she had the fewest number of pins.

I altered this canvas for them and think it turned out wonderfully. It certainly fits her personality and room decor. All of the pins inside the Mickey head are her special souvenior pins from our trips. The ones hanging from the ribbons are her trading pins that she might one day want to remove and trade on our next Disney trip.

This was such a fun project and I can't wait to work on the boys displays sometime in the near future.


Catherine said...

Such a great project!

Melanie said...

Gorgeous way to display those pins, Annette!

*KMB-612* said...

Hi nameis Kristen and I happened tostumble upon your blog while searching for Disney Trading Pins on Google Images and this pic of your daughter's Pin board came up and I was amazed! I just wanted to let you know that you are very talented and this pin board is something to be proud of!!
I couldn't help the curiosity but, I had to read about your trip to WDW( for it is the best place EVER)...and let me say you are a talented writer/blogger. And, I was taken back to my trip to Disney with all your info and descriptions of the rides/stage shows/ characters/etc... The blog about the last day brought me to tears b/c I too know how it tugs on your heart when you walk out the gate of the MK! I just want to say thank you for ride down memory lane! :) Keep blogging sista!!