Thursday, July 03, 2008

All I want for summer is my 2 front teeth ...

Carissa top two teeth have been wiggly for a very long time... since before Christmas. But Carissa wasn't very motivated to get them out so it took a very long time. A few days ago it had reached the point where one of them was just sooo wiggly and sitting all snaggle-tooth in her mouth. It really had to come out. So, with very little cooperation from Carissa, Brian pulled it. The good little tooth fairy came and left a few dollars in Carissa's tooth pillow.

A few days later while Carissa was brushing her teeth she asked me if her mouth was bleeding. Indeed it was, because her other top front tooth was gone. She didn't even know she had lost it. She did remember hitting her face on her friend's couch when she was over there playing, so we rushed over to look for the missing tooth. It took a few minutes on our hands and knees, but her tooth was finally located and returned to her.

The tooth fairy came for the 2nd time in 3 days and took her tooth. Carissa was left, yet again, with some money. But more than anything she was left with the cutest little toothless grin that you ever saw!

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Janelle said...

such cute photos!