Monday, July 28, 2008

Meet Pip

Isn't she just the cutest thing?
Pip is Tristan's new pet. Our family guideline is that when a child hits 10, if they show that they are responsible enough, then they are allowed their own pet. Tristan has really become a wonderful, responsible and respectable child and we've seen such growth in him the last year or so. So we let him get his pet a month early, so he'd have lots of time to spend with it. He's been very fond of Chase's pet rat, Peach, which he got just before he turned 10, so it was only natural the Tristan chose a rat for his pet (although we very nearly ended up with a Bearded Dragon instead! LOL).
He named her Pip because it fulfilled two purposes -- our family tradition of naming pets after characters from Disney movies (Pip is the cute little chipmunk in Enchanted) and it also fulfilled Tristan's wish to name it after a Pokemon character (Piplup).
Check her out ... little Pip is just about a month old and is a rex rat. She has a cream colored head and a white body with hair that is a bit wavy and whiskers that are all curly. It's adorable!!!
What's best is that she's such a neat and unique looking rat, very much like our Tristan. He's such a great pet owner already, spending lots of time with her and protecting her from our very inquisitive Violet kitty.

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Catherine said...

I imagine that Pip and Violet could be an interesting mix of friends....