Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th!!!

From all of us to you, Happy Independence Day!
Our day was busy, busy, busy but good nonetheless.

Chase and I had to be up at before 7am this morning so that he could go set up flags around the town. This is a Boy Scout event where they put up American flags outside of supporting businesses in town. He, with some help from me, set up about 20 flags around our city. It was quite a great experience for him, one that made him very proud of himself and his country. For each time he set up a flag he turned and saluted it before getting into the car and moving on to the next.

Of course, there was time for a quick sidetrack when we saw this

that is the most giant wish flower I have ever seen! Chase went and picked it and, after a few photos, was given the honors of blowing the wish flower.

Before blowing though, he made his wish. I heard him murmur it and asked him what he said. He wished to become and Eagle Scout with a silver palm. For those not in the BSA circle, the means the highest rank a Boy Scout can become with additional learning on top of that. Quite a goal for Chase, one that he holds for himself and one that he fervently hopes will come true. And I'm sure, with a lot of hard work, it will.

After we finished setting up flags we came home for a bit and outfitted everyone for the annual childrens parade. We decorated Carissa skates and Tristan's scooter with ribbons and they dressed in patriotic colors. Then it was off to the parade.

Chase walked in the honor guard with the Boy Scouts, carrying the American flag. He felt such honor to be allowed to carry the American flag and he proudly held it high the entire parade route.

Carissa and Tristan rode with the mass of kids in the parade. Then after the parade they all enjoyed some snow cones. As always, the kids enjoyed it.

After the parade we came home to wake Brian and spend a little time with him before he had to go to work. We were also able to meet him for dinner last night. He tried to come home to do fireworks with us but he saw so many people shooting off illegals so he had to try to chase them down. The kids and I did our measley little Oregon-legal fireworks
and we watched the fireworks that others had. There were fireworks going on for nearly 2 hours and by 11:00 we were all tired. We came in and headed to bed, having enjoyed another wonderful 4th of July.


KimmyS said...

YOu guys must have had a fantastic time! And that wish flower....I have never seen one that big either.
Let's hop Chase's wish will come true

Catherine said...

Looks like it was a really fun 4th!

Janelle said...

we have those giant wish flowers all over here! i mean EVERYWHERE! great photos too