Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Good, The Bad and The Sickies

The Good:
The new school opens tomorrow. I'm so excited. I've put a lot of work into making it look like a classroom and I think the kids are really going to like it. And I'm so excited about teaching there this year. Of course, this could also be construed as the bad, seeing as how I'm feeling quite a bit stressed about it all right now. But that will calm down once classes start and we're back in our normal flow.

The Bad:
My toe hurts. So does my ankle. So does the arch of my foot. Oh, and all on the right foot, wouldn't you know. TaeKwonDo is giving my body a bit of a beating. The arch has been hurting on and off even before TKD and the ankle is from an old riding accident that bothers me now and again. But the toes is all my fault - jammed it today but incorrectly kicking during a sparring match. Thankfully it just hurts and doesn't seem to be broken, but ouch!

The Sickies:
Oh yes, it is that time of year again. Carissa was sick Friday. Chase got it this morning. Tristan came home with it today. Thankfully it's just a fever, headache and balance/dizziness issues. No puking, so that's a positive. And Carissa's passed in a day so I'm hoping the boys do too. But for now I've got a couple of sickies on my hands.


Lily said...

Good Luck wiht your new class Im sure it will be awesome. Ouch on the feet. Take care of them. Ihave chronic foot pain and it;s not fun. Hope your sikies get well soon

Catherine said...

Good luck with the school opening and hope your foot and the kids get better soon!