Sunday, October 19, 2008

There's something to be said for having one kid ...

Not that I have a lot of experience here. I haven't had one kid since before Chase turned 2 years old. But this weekend was just for Tristan and it was a wonderful change.

Tristan had a TKD tournament this weekend and the other two would get sooooo bored sitting there all day long just watching match after match after match so they opted to go to Grandma & Grandpa's house. They headed over there last night and as soon as they left I hustled Tristan off to bed. I knew that he wouldn't get much sleep because he gets so excited about the tournament.

He was up and at 'em this morning for a nice healthy breakfast and then got all dressed to go. We let the dogs in the house just before we left and the moron of a dog (i.e. Jack) jumped on him with wet, muddy paws. DOH! Dirty pawprints on his white uniform and not time to clean them. I did the best I could with a wet washrag but I was ready to wring that dogs neck this morning!

Tristan had 2 events at this tournament. His first was forms, which he has been working very hard at. He's been practicing and practicing and practicing. He did very well for himself and gave a great show, getting 3rd out of the 7 in his group. He was thrilled with his well-deserved bronze medal. He received a bronze in sparring too, though he had to repeat his first match because of a technical scoring button malfunction.

After the tournament we let our little champion chose lunch and went on to have pizza at Flying Pie. YUMMY. Then it was off to Toys R Us where he was dying to use the $3 gifcard Toys R Us sent him for his birthday. He bought a Bakugan toy (don't ask ... it's his current obsession and I am totally clueless).

We made our way home and spent the evening playing a fun game of Mario Party 8. When Brian turned in early (he has to get up at 5am) Tristan and I got in bed with him and just layed down and talked for a while. It was a fun day and a great chance for Tristan to have us all to himself. Of course, he does profess to being "bored without Chase". But I think he secretly loved being our one and only for the day.


JulieP said...

Congrats to Tristan! Boy I must admit I let out a chuckle at the vision of the white uniform and the dog.

As you know, with 18+ years inbetween children I am an pro at the "only one child at a time" thing. There IS a lot to be said for it.

Catherine said...

Good for Tristan!!

Jill said...

i LOVE days like that!!! Sounds like it was a great day.

Lily said...

sounds like a wonderful time. It is nice to be able to focus on one kid for a change. Sometimes they really need that. I feel your pain on the bakugan {{insert eye roll}}