Thursday, June 11, 2009

Many Welcomes ...

Today is a day of many welcomes.

First and foremost, I welcome SUMMER! Today was my last day of teaching for this school year. I bid goodbye to my classroom and my preschoolers and look forward to the fun and freedom of summer. Tomorrow night is graduation, so I still have that to get through. But the teaching part is done for now. Of course, I do still have plenty of summer camps I'm teaching this summer (my first is Fairy Camp, which I'm SOOOOO excited about!), a few trips to the beach, theater camp and Boy Scout camp on my agenda. Oh, and how could I forget the most exciting - the Nickelback concert we're going to see to celebrate our 15th Anniversary!!! So a great big YAHOO! to summer!!!

My other welcome is to the new members of our household. After having Peach put to sleep last week, Chase took some time to get over it. A few days ago he came to me and told me that he was ready to start looking for a new pet rat. One trip to the pet store and he found it. Of course, Brian fell in love with one too so now we have 2 new pet rats. They are sharing a cage and are getting along well together. In keeping with out tradition, we chose Disney names for them.

Here is Chase and his new rat Minnie. She's a little older, a young adult rat. She's beautiful and quiet and a perfect match for Chase. He loves her and she's already perfected the art of patiently sitting on his shoulder when she's out, peering over at the book he's reading or the game he's playing. It's adorable.

And here is Brian and his rat Princess Dot. She's still a baby and takes a little to warm up. She gets startled easily by noises and did NOT want to have a bath! While Minnie loved being blown-dry after her bath Dot just got scared by it all. But she's young and she'll learn. She is also great at shoulder-sitting and likes to hang out with us.

So there you go... that's the news from here. Hope all is well with our friends and family. Stay safe and have a great summer.

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