Friday, June 19, 2009

Sunsations Softball

Carissa was part of the Sunsations softball farm league team this year. She had Coach Randy and Coach Mike again, her 3rd year in a row with them. It was a great year! We had a wonderful team with a lot of fun and talented girls.
Carissa could, of course, be counted on to do her own thing at times. When she was bored she would play in the dirt with her toes or just crouch down and relax. Once, when she was in the outfield, she decorated her entire mitt with things she found in the field.
When she wasn't bored she did very well. She showed a lot of progress this year, throwing harder, hitting better.
She even got the chance to pitch one game and did well when she calmed down.
All in all another great year of softball with her awesome group of coaches.

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