Thursday, June 17, 2010

How I Know It's Summer...

Summer is finally here, though you could never tell it by the weather. It thinks it's still spring or something, as the rain and gray skies have been hanging about. Despite the weather, it surely is summer. Here's the sure signs in our house:
  • The kids are all "camping" together in one of their bedrooms.
  • The board games have seen the light of day once again.
  • Books are everywhere and the kids are keeping track of their hours read for the library and bookstore reading programs.
  • My toenails are brightly painted and waiting for sandal weather.
  • The refrigerator smells of cherry jello jigglers, made today by Carissa.
  • The heat is off, though the A/C isn't running just yet.
  • I'm staying up until late at night again, happy to have some quiet, creative "me" time.
  • Mornings are lazy and quiet, with kids waking up to read for a while before slowly traipsing out of bed in search of breakfast.
  • The kids are hanging out together and talking over one another as they act out some imaginary scene that they've devised.
  • S'mores ingredients are sitting on the counter waiting for a campfire.
  • The street outside is filled with the noise of kids playing.

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