Thursday, December 20, 2012

Disneyland Day 1 (Part 3)

Up next was a walk down Hollywood Blvd. and the Monsters Inc ride!  I snapped a few park photos on the walk and they give you an idea of weather while we were there... mostly overcast, though low 70's (which is great weather for Oregonians!).

While in line for Monsters Inc, Chase spent quite a bit of his time with his nose stuffed in his hidden Mickey's book, looking for all the hidden Mickey's in the queue and on the ride.  Another pretty short line meant a quick ride through for us. 

 We looked at the time and realized that we had missed the 2:20 showing of Aladdin. Bummer! Instead, it was time for Tower of Terror! 

 This was another super short line. We walked almost directly into the pre-show room and then had about 5 minutes of waiting before being seated for the ride. I really love this ride! It makes my heart skip a beat every time and I love that you can't tell how high you are or how far you are going to fall! (And unlike the WDW version, I didn't walk away feeling sick for an hour afterwards).  Brian said that Carissa was trying to catch things flying out of her purse during the ride! Thankfully all was recovered. We took a moment to add the pics to our photopass card then headed outside. 

Aladdin was just getting out so I had the kids make a quick decision: Animation or Bugs Land.  Drawing or kiddie rides... which do you think won?  Drawing, of course!  By the time we got there it was about 3:15pm and the next animation academy drawing class was scheduled for 3:30.  They were drawing the Cheshire Cat.  I gave the kids the option of staying around or moving on, but in the end they decided to stick around.  I did a little scream of joy inside when they chose that, as I love the Cheshire Cat and was so glad to get to draw him!  He was a tough one to draw, but we all came out with pretty decent drawings of him.
 My drawing:
 The kids with their drawings (Chase apparently couldn't peel his eyes off the giant screen playing Disney movies on the wall behind me!):
The kids had looked at the list of upcoming drawing characters and something caught their eye... Oswald the Rabbit.  He was being drawn at 5:30 and they really wanted to go.  I told them we'd try to make it back in time for him, but we weren't going to wait around another hour and a half waiting.  Besides, we still hadn't been to Cars Land and were dying to go!

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