Friday, January 19, 2007

Disney Dreaming

I've been in a Disney mood again lately. It could be because I've been scrapping in my Disneyland album again. See (I have more to share but they're from a March kit so I can't sneak them yet) ...

It could be because I keep seeing all these commercials for Disney vacations that get me dreaming. But whatever the reason, Disney is haunting me.

I know there is no reasonable way we can go this year. It hasn't even been a year since we visited Disneyland, so I shouldn't feel the need to go back so soon, should I? (In case you were wondering, I wanted to go back about 2 days after we got home!). Besides, we don't have the money and with Brian's new job it may be a while before we do. And, since he just started a job he can't possibly take any vacation time, even if he did have some accrued. And we can't possibly do Disney in the 3 days a week he has off work.

But whatever rational reasons are running through my head, the moment those Disney commercials come on I forget it all. I stop and watch and wish that we could visit the Disney magic again.

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Catherine said...

These are such great Disney layouts!