Monday, January 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Rissa!

Today was Carissa's birthday ... my baby has turned 6! It's hard to believe how time has flied.

There was quite a schedule of celebration for her this year. Saturday was her family party and she had fun with all the grandparents, great-grandma and friends who came. We had dinner, cake, ice cream and lots of conversation for us adults. It was a great time.

Then she took cupcakes to share with her class today. She loved being the center of attention there ... go figure! LOL

Today Carissa also had her friends birthday party. There were 9 little girls here in my house. They loved playing games and eating ice cream, but their favorite part was the treasure hunt. If you can picture it, the 9 little girls were all running around the house after the clues, bringing them back to me to read, then running off again to find the next clue. And each time they ran they let out those adorable little girl squeals. It was adorable! And yes, they did find the treasure - fingernail polish, lip gloss and suckers for them all.

After the friends left I made Carissa's favorite dinner - english muffin pizza's. Then we let her open the presents from us. Finally we shared the remainder of her cupcakes from last night and sang her one last "Happy Birthday" song.
This girl was piled with presents. She has been scooting around the house on her new Barbie scooter and playing on her pink Nintendo DS. She and her friends enjoyed her new Polly Pockets and she got her first Bratz dolls. She got some adorable clothes that she has already been wearing (skirts and dresses only ... no pants wanted for this girly girl). Overall, I think she had a great time and will be playing with her new gifts for quite some time.


Catherine said...

Happy Birthday to Carissa!!

Monica Kornfeld said...

Happy belated birthday, Carissa! Sounds like you made it a super special day, Annette!

Anita said...

Happy birthday, cutie! :) What great presents.

Melanie said...

She's such a beautiful girl, Annette! Happy Birthday to Carissa!

Linda said...

Happy Birthday, C! Welcome to the world of SIX!

Hannah went from being a pants only girl to skirts and dresses...from no DOLLS, to getting a Barbie for the first time (and LIKING it!).