Wednesday, May 16, 2007

More kudos for the kids

Chase continues to amaze me. Last week he was offered a scholarship for Oregon Childrens Theater. His teacher has been so impressed with his work as Wilbur in Charlotte's Web that she suggested him for this scholarship. He probably won't be going, as it only covers half the tuition and driving to Portland every day for 2 weeks just isn't feasible with gas prices as they are. But it was such an honor for him to be suggested for it. Way to go Chase!

Tristan is starting to blossom! He had such a hard time with pitching machine at the beginning of the year. Now he's finally got in the rhythm and is doing great. He's starting to hit regularly and beginning to get some power behind it. It makes him feel so great when he does that and it's great to see that happiness on his face. :)

Carissa has really picked up the reading this year. Coming into Kindergarten she knew her letters and phonics and could read short works (cat, dog, man, etc.) but couldn't read a book or story. Now she's at it full swing. She can read books all on her own, except for a few hard words. And she's reading everywhere! It's so fun!

OK, those are the kudos for today. Just wanted to share.


Anita said...

Way to go for all of them. Shame he can't use that scholarship, but I know just what you mean about gas prices and budgets!

Catherine said...

That's great!