Monday, May 28, 2007

Oink, Oink

As previously mentioned, Chase is playing the role of Wilbur in "Charlotte's Web". Time sure snuck up on us and all of the sudden his costume was due. Despite my diligence, I was unable to find a pig costume in his size. I mean, how many 10 year old boys chose "pig" as their Halloween costume? Seriously. So when Chase came home last week and announced that his costume was due on Tuesday I knew that meant that I had to make it.

So off we go to find all the supplies needed for the costume. Keep in mind that my Mom had taught us to sew when we were kids but I haven't really sewed anything in a while ... anything besides scrapbook pages that is. So I'm about as rusty as can be at this. But I find a pattern that will work with a few small changes (no lions mane or bunny tail) and go in search of a suitable fabric. I found tons of things but none of them were right. The cottons were just too thin, they didn't have the right color of fleece (fuschia was NOT going to cut it! LOL) and I couldn't find any pale pink faux fur. So I was left in a lurch ... until I found this beautiful pink velvet on the clearance rack. Score.

I scooped it up and brought it home only to realize that sewing velvet is NOT easy. I spent all day fighting with the stretch and how it constantly wants to stick together when I'm trying to position it and how it's slippery and on and on and on. But after 6 hours of diligence, 4 costume fittings, 3 hood fittings, 1 repositioned tail and a trip to WalMart (forgot the zipper ... DUH!) I am finally rewarded with this:

I must say that it turned out better than I expected. He does look a bit like a pig, but it's Chase's attitude that it makes it SOOOOO stinking adorable. Of course, the fuzzy ears and curly tail don't hurt. :)

So that chore is done. Thank goodness. I can't wait to see the play! Break a leg buddy!


Catherine said...

WTG!!! Pig costumes today...haute couture tomorrow! Good luck to Chase!

Becky said...

Great Job! He looks awesome!

Carolyn F said...

That is absolutely adorable!!

Anita said...

Too dang cute! Those will be some awesome LOs, too, I'm sure. Shona just announced to me the other day that she wants me to sew her Halloween costume this year. I haven't sewn in years! EEEEK!