Monday, September 20, 2010

Labor Day Outing

We always plan a fun, outside activity to celebrate the last day of summer. This year Dad offered to take us out on the river in the boat and we were happy for the opportunity. We met at the Scappoose Bay Marina, where the tide was out and the water was very shallow. It was slow going but we finally made it out to the river. We tootled around for a bit, heading first to see the Warrior Rock Lighthouse.

Then we headed turned around and Dad kicked it into gear, giving us some speed to enjoy. The kids, especially Tristan, were laughing and smiling and having a grand time.

Next we headed for Sand Island, where we docked up and had lunch. It was beautiful weather and we enjoyed the sunshine and the company while eating.

We got back on the boat and headed up the Multnomah Channel a bit. We even caught a bald eagle soaring above the river. We went as far as Coon Island before turning around and heading back.

Dad let the kids (and Brian) each have a turn to drive the boat. Some were better than others and Dad stayed close for when they started to stray to one side or the other.
All too soon it was time to head back to the marina and load up for home. We had a great time with Dad and Linda and it was a wonderful way to enjoy our last day of summer.

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