Sunday, February 13, 2011

Crossing Over

Chase had an opportunity to participate in his second Crossing Over event, a ceremony in which Cub Scouts are officially transitioned over to Boy Scouts. The first time Chase himself was crossing over into Boy Scouts. The time, Chase was part of the ceremony.

To be part of the Crossing Over ceremony, you have to be a member of the Order of the Arrow. It's called the "honor society" of the Boy Scouts, but it's designed to help the older boys give more service to Scouting and to participate in activities aimed at the older boys. Chase was inducted into the Order of the Arrow last spring so this was his first year being eligible to help out at the ceremony.

Just a few weeks before Chase had gone to a special Order of the Arrow campout to start making the pieces of his Native American costume. He made the ribbon shirt, belt and medicine man bag and purchased the moccasins. The headpieces the boys used are all owned by the troop.

Chase served as the medicine man for the ceremony, beating the drum and keeping the time as they entered the gym.

He started the ceremony with a few words and then the other two boys seen here

began parading the boys around the room then up to Chase, where he drew the Arrow of Light on their forehead (this is something the boys earn as Cub Scouts before advancing to Boy Scouts).

Once the boys get their Arrow of Light they cross over a bridge and are welcomed by the Boy Scout troop. It was a great ceremony and a lot of fun to Chase on the other side of this. Giving back and being part of the magical ceremony that all Cub Scouts look forward to one day participating in.

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Wow. Brings back memories. Very cool.