Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Having a hoot with her friends

I finally got off my duff and found a project for Carissa's birthday party with her friends. She invited a group of girls over for a crafting birthday party. They made these cute bottlecap necklaces to start out with, the moved on to our big project - these adorable little owls!

The girls worked really hard on their owls. They chose their fabrics then sewed the bellies and wings on. Next were the pupils and beaks, then the eyes. This took the girls a good amount of time, as it was the first big sewing project many of them had done.

Then they brought them to me and I sewed the edges together while they munched on cupcakes and cookies & cream ice cream. Finally it was time to stuff them and sew up the final edge. In the end, they left with these adorable little owls, each just a little different.
While several girls didn't show up for the party, the ones that did seemed to have a good time. I was so thankful for my mother, who stayed to help with the party. I couldn't have done it without her. Thanks Mom!

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