Tuesday, May 17, 2011

She has arrived!

Carissa has been asking for an American Girl doll for years... and I literally mean years. But with a $100 price tag, it just wasn't something we were willing to provide for her. We did tell her that she could save her money for an American Girl if she wanted her. Little did we know that she'd do just that. She has been saving money for months and months. She has saved her grade money and money that she received at Christmas and her birthday. She hasn't spent a dime since she started saving and has saved $65. Grandma heard how well she'd done to save money and decided to put in the rest to make Carissa's dream come true. As soon as we got home we ordered her doll and last week she arrived. So, meet Ella:

Ella is a "My American Girl" doll, meant to look like Carissa. She chose a doll with the same eye color, same hair color and length and the same skin color. As soon as she arrived Carissa squealed with delight and tore open the box. Since then Ella has been carried around and graces a spot on the bed next to Carissa's head. When Carissa goes to school Ella sits up on the bed by Carissa's pillow, waiting for her to come home. It's adorable how much Carissa loves her. :)

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