Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Resurrection (again)

So you know that I've resurrected the blog to share all my scrapbook goodies, but I'm going to be taking a short break from that while we head on our newest adventure - our first ever family road trip!  We take off in a few short days and I'm super excited.  I feel a little behind in our packing but that's a little hard when one of your kiddos is away at summer camp and the other one spends two days a week at doctors appt's (it's a long story).  Well... there's no excuse for Carissa other than she just doesn't find the time.  Plus a little help from Mom will probably ensure that everything makes it into the bag and we don't leave home without underwear or shirts or something.

So why a road trip?  It is something that Brian and I have talked about for years and years but never got serious about.  Then my little brother got stationed in Colorado Springs, CO and it seemed like the perfect time to finally take that road trip.  Well... maybe not exactly the perfect time given the medical issues we're dealing with and the fact that Jimmy and his family won't even arrive in Colorado Springs until today and that we've never, ever, ever done a road trip.  Ever.  The farthest we've gone is Wildlife Safari, which is something like 4 hours each way.  Doesn't count.  Cause on this trip we're scheduled to go over 3500 miles in 11 days, see 10 states, 4 National Parks and a plethora of random spots along the ways.  Even now, after all my planning (cause I'm sort of a psycho planner) it seems really daunting.  But it also seems exciting.  Carpe Diem, right!?!

So.... our new adventure begins soon and I'll be doing my typical trip report, complete with lots of photos and details along the way.  My thought is that we'll have lots of time in the car so lots of time to get the details jotted down each day.  At least that's the plan.  Wish us luck!

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