Monday, March 19, 2007

Cropping the week away ...

So, you should all know by now that I LOVE scrapbooking. And my favorite scrapbook site ever is ScrapAddict. We have such an awesome community there, wonderful kits, all the newest products and tons of inspiration. Oh, and it's got the absolutel BEST designers every (ok, maybe I'm a little bias ... LOL). It's truly an amazing site!

This winter we at SA threw a cyber-crop. I spent all my free time last week scrapping.

There were tons of great challenges to get us inspired and motivated. I ended up completing 15 layouts, which is more than I usually do in a month. And I totally LOVED the layouts that I did.

I won 1st place in the Ultimate Scrappers Challenge and am now enjoying the gift certificate I earned from that (OK, I guess I enjoyed it is more precise since I just bought some awesome new ScrapAddict kits with it ...).

Anyways, just wanted to send my thanks out to all my friends from ScrapAddict who helped inspire me and played along.

Here are some of my favorite layouts I completed during the crop. Enjoy. :)


Linda said...

I love that Getting to Know Me layout! I will be scraplifting that one.

And doesn't Carissa just look GREAT with that pink glove! I saw all sorts of girl gear in the sports section and wished that Hannah would be more "sporty"....but she's the little artist, enjoying a week of "Art Class" while on spring break!

rmeyfe said...

I love your layouts!! these are so wonderful!!

Melanie said...

I've always been such an admirer of your scrapping style, Annette. You have a "clean style" but there is always something about each page that is amazing!