Thursday, March 22, 2007

I'm Employed!

This week has been such a blur for me. The kids had so many activities this week both in and out of school - sports and scouts and music programs and "living museum" showings ... it's been utter chaos.

In the midst of it all comes a phone call from Theresa at Tinkertime Preschool. She's Carissa's old preschool teacher and she's looking for a teachers aid for the remainder of the school year and she wants to know if I'm interested. Ummmm ... YES!!!

So all of the sudden I find myself employed. EMPLOYED. ME!

I haven't had a real job in nearly 11 years. But this is a real job - a job that pays. A job that I can have and enjoy. A job that doesn't require nights, weekends or summers. A job that ensures that we carry through on the decision Brian & I made 11 years ago to always be there for our children and to not put them in daycare. A job that ensures that my children will not be latch-key kids, coming home from school alone and doing who knows what.

Now, I'm not saying that this is a forever job. Things could change on her end of my end sometime in the future. But right now it's perfect.

I'm helping in Ms. Adrien's 3 year old class. The kids are wonderful (yup, worked my first day already), the facility is great and the teachers and aids are such wonderful, warm people. I can see myself being very happy here.

So there you have it -- my big news. I'm now certifiably employed and loving another addition to the chaos.


Jim and Virginia said...

Congrats. You are a great mother and I'm sure you will be a great teacher.


Linda said...

Congrats! That's the kind of job that's great to have, so that you can be home with your children!

Catherine said...

That's so great! It will be a wonderful job!

Carolyn F said...

Congrats -- what a perfect job to get.

Melanie said...

How wonderful that you got the perfect job for you!