Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Tulip Festival

Brian's parents have lived in Woodburn for 10 years now. And in each of those 10 years we have seen the signs for the yearly tulip festival. Yet we'd never visited - until now.

Let me tell you, that place was a photographers heaven. Acres and acres of beatiful tulips just waiting to be photographed. And it didn't hurt that mother nature did us a favor and brought out the beautiful, clear blue spring sky for us. It was all just perfect.

The kids liked the tulips and all but could have left within about 15 minutes. I, no the other hand, stayed an hour and a half but could have stayed 1 or 2 hours more just to have fun playing with my new camera and seeing what sort of shots I could get. But in the 90 minutes I was there I was able to capture 86 images, most of which were fairly good. Here's a few of my faves.

Now I also tryed to get the kids interested by having them choose their favorite tulip to be photographed with. Carissa chose the beautiful pink ones and Tristan chose some beautiful red and yellow tulips. But it was Chase's peach and yellow tulips that really caught my eye.

Every time we'd go near the ordering counter (you can order bulbs of your favorite tulips and have them delivered to you in the fall) Chase would yell "Ad Rem" (the name of his favorite tulip) in an effort to try to get me to buy some. Though I didn't buy any, I REALLY REALLY wanted too. Unfortunately, I'm not much of a gardener so I guess I'll just have to stick to visiting the tulip festival again next year to get my flower fix. :)


Jim and Virginia said...

The pictures look great. I especially like the one where you adjusted the aperture to get the background out of focus. What kind of camera did you get?


Catherine said...

What gorgeous photos to have! Love tulips!

Linda said...

The picture of Carissa is adorable! Of all the pictures, my very favorite is the one with the bright tulip head and the blurred background...the background looks as though it was oil painted...would make a BEAUTIFUL advertisement for that festival...or at the least, a gorgeous postcard!!!

Greetings from the Tulip Festival....

Linda Sobolewski said...

I am so jealous! It's still winter here!!!
My fave is the one with YOU in it!

Rose said...

Wow!!! That's always something I've wanted to go to. Awesome photos!!!!

Melanie said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous photos, Annette!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures really turned out great. You got some really pretty pictures of yourself and the kids. I can't wait to see you tonight.


Monica Kornfeld said...

Gorgeous photos, Annette!!!
I'd kill to see those in person!