Friday, June 20, 2008

A "Camp Rock" Goodbye

Tonight was the much-anticipated premier of "Camp Rock" on the Disney Channel. Carissa, who loves all Disney musical movies, decided to invite over some of her closest friends to have a "Camp Rock" party. But a few weeks ago that "Camp Rock" party became a "Goodbye" party when Anwen and her family decided to move away. We decided to throw the party anyways and make it a final party for the neighborhood BFF's.

I had grand plans ... recordering the movie on the DVR, making pizza, painting nails, glittering the girls up. But the DVR, with it's ingenious mind of it's own, decided NOT to record the early show of Camp Rock. And the girls decided they didn't want to stop playing long enough to get their nails done. Thankfully there was a later showing of Camp Rock, which entirely saved the day. And the girls were happy playing and eating pizza and then pigging out on their chocolate M&M Blizzards while watching the show.

All in all it turned out really well. The girls got several items for each other -- matching BFF bracelets from Carissa, matching Littlest Pet Shop toys from Anwen, matching mood rings and necklaces from Shaylan. They played horses, jumped on the trampoline, danced to the movie and had a quick pillowfight before bedding down in Carissa's room for the night (girls, I can STILL hear you talking...).

But sadly the goodbye part of the party is on the horizon. Anwen and her brother Brenden, a close friend of Chase, will be leaving soon for their annual summer in France. However when they return they won't be coming back to Oregon, but headed for Montana instead. It's with a sad heart that the kids will tell their friends goodbye. I'm sure there will be much sadness, many tears, lots of hugs and hopes that we will meet again someday. But in the end, I hope they'll always remember their last night together playing, watching Camp Rock and giggling and laughing like only little girls can.

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Anita said...

awww, goodbyes are so sad! I hope they can be pen pals and still stay in touch.