Saturday, June 07, 2008

I'm neglecting you ...

I know this. I know that I'm not writing. I know that I'm not communicating with the world. But right now I just have so little to say and even a littler amount of time to say it in. But I thought it was time for an update.

Right now in the world of Pixley things are BUSY. We have just 3 1/2 days of school left and I am eagerly looking forward to that end. It has been a long year with many ups and downs but we're all ready for a little time off, especially me who is ready to say goodbye to my classroom for the summer.

Tristan and Carissa will rest easily this summer knowing that they are returning to their same teachers and same school next year. Chase on the other hand will be starting anew yet again... well, anew but back to a familiar place. Chase will be attending the school in town for 6th grade. It's an unfortunate decision, as we LOVE the school on the island. But it's so tiny and there is just one teacher for every 2 grades. Mixed grade classes are great when you have a great teacher, like Tristan and Carissa's teachers. However Chase's teacher was an extreme disappointment this year and we've decided not to subject him to two years of dismal environment. He won't be returning to an entirely new place, as the school in town is where he went before they went to the island this year. He'll be returning there and to a group of kids he knows so I hope that the transition is fairly easy.

The kids activities have me hopping. Even though they only have one activity each I still find myself in a state of frenzy several nights a week. Of course, it could be the fact that I signed them all up for some much needed swimming lessons which just adds to our already busy schedule.

Chase is enjoying Boy Scouts. He still has weekly meetings and he is looking forward to his upcoming campout and hike at the Ape Caves. After that is summer camp. Then another campout or two this summer. It does get time consuming but most of all it gets expensive. Thankfully my Dad gave me a hiking pack for Chase that was my brothers. One expensive thing down. And we found a good deal on a small tent AND Dad gave me a second small one, so we're good on tents. But then it was buying a non-stick mess kit (we had an aluminum one but it was just a terror to get clean), then the rest of the 10 essentials... rain gear, knife, good but pack size sleeping bag, etc. I think that we've got most of it covered now except for a few items which are going on his birthday list. But it's been expensive to outfit him for it all. And good forbid one of us should go with him ... then we need 2 of everything.

Here is Chase at his first campout and lighting the candles for his first "Court of Honor", where he received his Boy Scout badge.

Tristan is, as always, consumed with Taekwondo. He had a belt testing last weekend and moved up another rank to yellow with black stripe. He has also graduated from first form to second form (this choreographed move thing you do) so he's spending extra time working on that. And while at a garage sale yesterday we found him a stand-alone kicking bag so he's been having fun with that. This is another over-the-summer activity so he'll be keeping at it. He's really enjoying competing too and if he continues to do well over the next year (and we can afford it) he might compete in the Junior Olympics next summer. We will see how things go over the next year though.

Here is Tristan at his testing:

Carissa is ready to say goodbye to softball for the season. She has an invitational tomorrow and then it's over. She has enjoyed batting and running but doesn't really care for fielding or catching. So she's a bit indifferent to softball --she likes it but doesn't love it. We're all ready for the season to be over. She's the only one with no activities this summer, though she'll probably start up dancing (either ballet or hip-hop) again in the fall.

Beyond those activities I have had book club and citizens academy to keep me busy. Only 2 more weeks of citizens academy and book club is just once a month, so summer should be pretty relaxed for me too. Oh, other than all the summer camps I'm teaching (and still have to finish planning for!!!).
Brian is working and going to school full time. Quite a schedule for him and one that doesn't leave a lot of extra time. But his goal is to have his degree finished by next spring. So just this one busy year and then he'll be done.

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