Friday, June 13, 2008

What time is it?

SUMMERTIME... it's our vacation.
What time is it?
PARTYTIME... that’s right, say it loud.
What time is it?
TIME OF OUR LIVES... anticipation.
What time is it?
SUMMERTIME... school’s out. Scream and shout!

That's the first song we sang after we got home from school (on Carissa's new High School Musical Karaoke game). I couldn't have said it any better. Summer is finally here and I'm THRILLED. No more early mornings, no work for me, no picking up and dropping off. Maybe we'll actually have time to veg or something.

Yesterday was the last day of school. The kids all had an award ceremony. Chase's teacher didn't do individual awards (grrr... yet another letdown from her) however Tristan received an award for creativity and Carissa got one for great spelling and for being kind. I had to smile at the kindness award, as it's the same award she received at her preschool graduation 2 years before. And I just happened to be sitting next to her preschool teacher (and my now-boss) at the ceremony. It was quite an "awwwwww...." moment.

Today was spent enjoying the nice springtime weather that has FINALLY graced us Oregonians with it's presence. After rolling out of bed nearly 2 hours later than normal we had some breakfast and then rode our bikes to the library to join the summer reading program and get some new books. We stopped at the ice cream shop on the way too. ;) Then it was home and out garage saleling (not a good sale out today!) before going shopping for Fathers Day gifts. Tomorrow we're having a "summer party" with some friends over for a run in the sprinklers and ice cream sundaes. We have no big plans for the next few weeks so we're all just excited about some down time.

Welcome to summer!!!!!

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